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Holiday Movie Season Offers…..

Halloween is a favorite time of year for many in Oxford and the surrounding areas. Not only do kids get to trick-or-treat, but it’s also a time for scary movies at the theatre.

“Younger people enjoy being scared and knowing that it is just a movie so nothing will actually happen to them from what they see in the movie,”said avid movie-goer Blake Brown .

Assistant director of cinema at the University of Mississippi, Alan Arrivee, agrees that younger people are often drawn to scary movies. Arrivee believes Halloween movies allow them to “break norms.”

“The scary movies allow the younger crowd to be someone different and become another character during the film. It allows them to be free from society and pretend to live in these adult fantasies,” Arrivee said.

Halloween is just the start of the holiday movie season which draws bigger crowds at the theatre than any other time of year. Arrivee says the size and make-up of the crowds will change throughout the season.

“Horror films do well initially, but they have a different aspect than Christmas and Thanksgiving movies. The Halloween movie season draws in a more specific crowd,” Arrivee said.

Brown agrees.

“The scariness of the movies draw them to a smaller group of people than the heart-warming movies that come out during Christmas and Thanksgiving,” Brown said.

The movie theaters are not just visited during the holidays, but during different times of the year as well.

Devon Jerome, house manager at Oxford Malco Cinema says the lack of entertainment in a town like Oxford helps the theatre.

“As far as something to do for people around town there is not much besides going to an Ole Miss sporting event, restaurants and the bars on the Square,” Jerome said.

Brown agrees that during “dead”or slow  weekends the movie theatre can provide a good source of entertainment.

“It gives students something to do on week nights and dead weekends when nothing is going on around campus and they can be very entertaining when new movies are out,” Brown said.

Brown also believes the low cost of going to the movies is a big draw to college students.

“Going to the movies is much cheaper for a college student than spending money at a restaurant or bar in town,” Brown said.


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