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Ole Miss Fans Enjoy Websites, Newspapers for Sports Content

Many Ole Miss like to follow their teams on a daily basis.

RebelGrove.com is a subscription website that is currently run by publisher Neal McCready and editor Chase Parham. McCready and Parham are both Ole Miss alumni who say the website attempts to bring Ole Miss fans together with content for the football, basketball and baseball teams. The site was started by Dave Childers, an Ole Miss alumnus who began it as RebelSports.net.

Parham believes the articles, videos and podcasts the site provides offer easy access for fans.

“With the message board and interaction with subscribers, I think we can cover everything in one place. It is a one-stop-shop for Ole Miss athletics. I feel like we get closer to our customers than some other media outlets do,” Parham said.

The Oxford Eagle  also covers Ole Miss and high school sports in the area. Sports editor John Davis has been covering the Rebels for the newspaper since the late 1990s. He says  says his newspaper is now using different ways to provide Ole Miss coverage.

“I think newspapers with iPhones, flip cams and audio recorders can be multi-purpose people. We can communicate with fans through blogs and other outlets,” Davis said.

Davis thinks that newspapers are  keeping up with new technology.

“I think the newspaper industry as a whole has caught up thanks to new media as much as anything,” Davis added.

Patrick O’Hern has been a life-long Ole Miss fan. He says that it does not matter to him how the news is delivered as long as he is able to get it.

“I like the website to keep me up to date and the newspaper usually has good coverage before game weekend and good coverage the day after. I think they both have pretty good coverage,” O’Hern said.

So where does that leave the Rebelgrove.com and The Oxford Eagle going forward?

Parham believes his site will continue to grow at the expense of newspapers.

“I think subscription websites will grow and probably at the downfall of newspapers. I hate to say that myself I read three newspapers every morning,” Parham said.

However, Davis is optimistic about The Oxford Eagle surviving long term.

“Were fortunate that were owned by two families and not a corporation. I think we will last long term, 20 years. Everybody will read it online or get a digital copy. The technology is going to drive us,” Davis said.


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