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Studying Aboard Creates Opportunity

As it becomes more important for Americans to operate in a global environment, study abroad programs can help students become better global citizens.

“We live in a world that is interconnected. All countries have boundaries but tolerance, concern for others, and the openness to new ideas should know no boundaries. Studying abroad allows students to experience a new culture, broaden one’s perspective and encourage tolerance to new ideas. Those are crucial to becoming a better global citizen,” said Skip Langley, a study abroad adviser at The University of Mississippi.

The globalization of culture, economies and markets make it more apparent that students need to be well versed in international studies.

“Students who go abroad learn to adapt quickly to the ‘new’ or different and become more confident and independent in the process.  A study abroad experience hones problem-solving skills and challenges students to examine their values or potential profession from other perspectives,” said Langley.

Malcom Gandar came from Sydney, Australia to study abroad at the University of Mississippi this year.

“With the world being so connected nowadays, especially with things like technological advancements and a global business environment, it is important to be able to not only function in your own context and your own culture, but with everyone else around the world,” said Gandar.

Some students from Ole Miss say they hope studying abroad will give them an advantage when it comes to finding a job.

“The world is becoming more global. I think by studying aboard employers will see me as more independent, self-willing, and diverse. I also will have to opportunity to enhance my resume by adding an experience very few others have had,” said Alexa Jason, a sophomore from the University of Mississippi studying aboard in Europe.

Study abroad programs also provides students with international internship opportunities.

“Students are able to intern while earning both course credit and practical, real-world experience,” said Langley.

The Career Center at Ole Miss is also available to students upon their return to teach them how to market their time abroad to potential employers.

“I encourage each and every student who has studied abroad in the past to take advantage of this great opportunity that the Career Center provides,” said Langley.


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