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Ole Miss freshmen get advice for acing final exams

Sophomore Kelsey Haworth studying for a test. Photo by: Anthony Dicandia Nov. 8. 2013.

Sophomore Kelsey Haworth studying for a test.
Photo by: Anthony Dicandia
Nov. 8. 2013.

As finals week sneaks up on freshmen taking college exams for the first time, many are wondering how they should prepare and where should they study.

Bridget Hester, an academic advisor for the Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience, believes that the J.D. Williams Library might not be the best choice for everyone.

“If you’re easily distracted, you might want to stay away from the more crowded areas like the library. If you get distracted by things in your dorm room like the television, then change things up.  If you need to change up the locations on different days, then do it so you don’t get stuck in a rut.”

Kelsey Haworth, a sophomore majoring in management information systems, agrees with Hester.

“Some nights in the library can get kind of loud and it’s hard to focus.  Sometimes you can’t find a seat or a study spot, which can be stressful.

Freshmen do have other choices.

Chas Ellzey, a sophomore political science major, said the study rooms they built in the dorms for the freshmen work out very well.

“The study rooms they built in the dorms are actually pretty nice.  I studied in them last year and never had a problem.”

If you are someone who gets frustrated and stressed studying for final exams. Hester recommends you get some fresh air.

“One of my favorite activities when I was in grad school studying was to go outside and walk around. It’s a beautiful campus; we have the Grove, you can walk around the Circle, just get some fresh air and take your mind off your studies for a few minutes.”

Hester also believes that studying for smaller amounts of time, more often, can lead to better results.

“Start studying a couple weeks in advance.  Study for hour intervals and then take a break.  Don’t try to cram and give your brain a break from time to time.”

Haworth says she has three tips to freshmen taking their first set of college exams.

“I would say don’t cram, get your stuff prepared in advance, secure your Scantrons early because they run out pretty fast, and then I would say find a place you can study best now, don’t try to find a study spot at the last minute. I think that will set them up for success.”

So freshmen find your study spots, don’t cram, and don’t stress too much. Final exam week begins Dec. 9 and ends on Dec. 13.  Good luck!

Sophomore Kelsey Haworth gives three tips of advice to freshmen taking final exams for the first time.


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