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New Tree Planting Ceremony for Ole Miss Green Week

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.15.11 AMWhat to help the environment? Plant a tree. That’s just one of the suggestions from the Office of Sustainability, which is about to kick off Green Week on April 21. A new tree planting ceremony has been added to the list of events students can look forward to for the week.

Anne McCauley, assistant director of the Office of Sustainability, says the campus could potentially become a Tree Campus U.S.A.

“Land scape services was the one who brought this idea forward,” said McCauley. “One of the things that program asks is that you recognize annually Arbor Day with a ceremony.”

McCauley says the ceremony will take place on Arbor Day, which will be April 25. Two Douglas Firs will be planted during this ceremony. Not only will this mark the first tree planting ceremony for the University of Mississippi “Green Week” but also the trees will benefit for the students and staff.

“They make a shadier campus, they bring down the temperatures of campus ,so it becomes a more comfortable environment. They take in carbon dioxide, so they’re storing up carbon and we’re producing a lot of carbon worldwide. They also provide a habitat for animals, insects and birds,” said McCauley.

For those looking to start their own green initiative McCauley warns that this not the best time to plant a tree, but to ensure growth she advises watering it often, throughout the summer.

Another goal of “Green Week” is to demonstrate to students that simple acts can make a difference. Sara Douglass, an intern from the Office of Sustainability says it can be easy as walking to school.

“Little things do count, if every student on this campus were to walk to school. If it’s possible ride your bike, take the bus. That kind of stuff adds up.”

Green Week, which is now in its fifth year, will also feature an eco-fashion show and tours of the University green house.

Lara Boston, sophomore at Ole Miss, says she’s looking forward to attending Green Week this year.

“I heard the campus may become a Tree Campus U.S.A., and I am excited to attend the ceremony to support that,” said Boston. “ I think a lot of trees get cut down everyday so the fact Ole Miss is going to be planting two every year is a great contribution.”



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