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Local artist creates Spirit Song Studio with Oxford’s help

Since opening her door in 1995, potter Jenny Crowson of Spirit Song Studio has been behind the wheel, press, kiln, and glaze in order to create handmade art for the Oxford community.
With her studio adjacent to her home, her property provides a warm and creative atmosphere that she says allows her to work around her kids and make her own schedule.
Artists who speak from their soul and create their work without rules or reason inspired Spirit Song Studio. She captures the soul of Mississippi and the high-end southern spirit of Oxford in her work.
Long time loyal customer Kelsey Gibson says Crowson’s work has been a part of the important milestones of her life.
“She first started making me amazing dinnerware after I got married and now does the clay handprints of my two kids” said Gibson
It is not unusual for an artist to develop long-term relationships with customers who keep up with their work as they grow artistically.
“I love how Jenny’s work continues to develop. What started out as strictly clay crosses and candles has turned into anything from ornate vases to clay on wood paintings” said Emily Lewis, another fan of Crowson’s work.
Using Earthenware clay, Crowson has expanded her work to dinnerware, vases, handprints, and ornaments.

Jenny Crowson of Spirit Song Studio creating a design in a handmade bowl

Jenny Crowson of Spirit Song Studio creating a design in a handmade bowl

Jenny strives to focus on the functional aspect of her work as much as the decorative approach
“My favorite piece of pottery that I make is a mug. A mug is something that allows for a moment and a memory to be shared between two people having coffee” says Crowson.
Finding new customers and re-connecting with old friends was one of the reasons Crowson said she approached last weekend’s Double Decker Art Festival with excitement. “Its amazing to me how I can get a call from a customer over 5 years ago who remembered my work and want to personally put an order in” says Jenny.
Crowson credits the Oxford to helping her start and continue her dream of Spirit Song Studio.
“I never imagined living in Oxford for as long as I have. This is a special community that brings people together and I hope my art can offer the same feeling” says Crowson.



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