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Morgan Pennington steps out onto the Oxford music scene

Morgan Pennington practices for upcoming performances on her front porch Tuesday, April 29. -Ashton Dawes

Morgan Pennington practices for upcoming performances on her front porch Tuesday, April 29. -Ashton Dawes

Morgan Pennington is an Oxford, Miss. based musician stepping out as a solo artist this summer. Pennington may be new to the big stage, but she has always been ready to make her entrance as an artist – even if that road did not always seem possible.

“I’ve always loved music,” Pennington said, “It’s only recently that I’ve been like let’s get my stuff out there.”

Both the south and Oxford  are known for producing artists, and Pennington, although new to the scene, already appreciates what her hometown means to her.

“One of the more inspiring things about Oxford is it’s a super art-based town,” Pennington said. She says there is “literature on every corner. There are artists, musicians and painters” that make up the character of Oxford.

Pennington is an Ole Miss graduate and says the community is very welcoming.

“Everybody in Oxford is really supportive,” Pennington said, “It’s a place you can really sing about.”

Many Oxford residents stepped up to help pay for Pennington’s new EP through Kickstarter, a website where one can raise funds for projects or start small businesses.

“A singer’s success is really determined by the audience,” said Jennifer Robinson, a professor of vocal performance at Ole Miss.

The original cost of production for Pennington’s EP was $5,200. With the help of her family, friends and community, she received $6,067 from 153 people to put towards the EP. Pennington was then able to begin recording her voice for everyone to hear.

“If people aren’t interested, they won’t listen,” Robinson said, “Singers really rely on those around them for recognition.”

Pennington is not only a singer, but a guitarist as well.

“I picked up the guitar about four years ago,” she said. At the same time Pennington began writing music.

Those years of hard work have culminated into her new EP “Wolves” which was released April 26.

“[Pennington] is really excited about her new release,” said Caroline Hourin, Pennington’s friend and acting publicist. “She really wants to share it with everyone.”

Pennington intended to create an acoustic EP when she began writing for the release.

“It has morphed into this synthesized, kind of 80s vibe. It’s gone from folk to electronic pop,” Pennington said. “I think it’s a little trendy.”

Pennington is ready to introduce her music to Oxford and beyond.

“My goal is to send it out to as many people as possible and go on tour,” Pennington said. She even joked about setting up her own tour if necessary.

For now, Pennington is reveling in her hometown success and recent performance at Double Decker.

“I’ve always gone to Double Decker,” Pennington said, “And I’ve always looked at people and said I want to that. And now I am on the Double Decker stage. I’m ready to get out there and show who I am with my music.”


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