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Internships Lead to Jobs Says Ole MIss Career Center

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.24.46 AMIf you’re wrapping up your junior year, this could be the perfect summer for an internship.

Christy Wright from the Ole Miss Career Center says that internships could lead to a job.

“Most companies want sophomore and junior students in order to help groom them.”

Wright says that there is really no bad time to do an internship.

St.Louis University student Connor Lough found this out when he began interning with The Cleveland Clinic the summer after his freshman year.

“I have interned there for an entire summer, went back over spring break and plan to continue my work there this coming summer. Even if this internship does not turn into a job one day, I have had some incredible networking opportunities and experience I could not have learned in the classroom,” said Lough, who is wrapping up his sophomore year.

The Ole Miss Career Center has helped many students find internships through companies that post on Employee UM, an online student employment database.

Kelsey Sims, an IMC major at Ole Miss, started applying for internships early in her college career. Repeatedly turned down due to the fact she was only a sophomore, Sims finally landed an internship with Stifel Nicklaus through personal networking.

“It was much different than I thought it would be,” Sims added, “but I have learned a lot through the experience. I now have a better idea of what my career could possibly look like.”

Even if you participated in an amazing internship and expected to be offered a job at the end, sometimes this just isn’t the case. The experience gained from an internship can be better than a job offer.

“By interning you are not only gaining experience in a certain company, but also deciding if this field is the right path for you”, Wright added.

“A word of advice to all students,” Wright continued, “start looking early and making those contacts because all it takes is one connection to lead you to your dream job.”


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